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Stay in Japanese Comunity, Yaho


Stay in Yaho where genuine Japanese Culture lies in.
KoKoTamaya is one of the best choice for you if you want to experience the real Japanese lifestyle.
Though Yaho is located in Tokyo, heart of Japan, there is no skylines but there is intriguing countryside scenery.
Yaho is the nearest place from Tokyo in order to experience Japanese traditional lifestyle.
We, of course, have some plans to experience some parts of it and prepare a lot for hosting you.

Japanese "Tatami" style rooms.

Entering the room, you feel warn atmosphere and smell the preferable aroma of 'Igusa' that compose Tatami.
There are 3 rooms in KoKoTamaya. You can choose one you like.
Visiting the living room, you can chat with our staffs or other travelers.

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Dive into deep scenes of Japanese community.


There are lots of choices for your experience in Yaho and Kunitachi.
In Yaho area, you can experience the real Japanese countryside.
The variety of tour is great; Aguricurtural experience;
Visiting Yaho Tenmangu shrine, Cooking or history class are just some of your choices.

Scenic Seasons of Japan countryside

Yaho has plenty of scenes which change as seasons change. Spring, enjoy Sakura. Summer, play at the rice fields. Autumn, enjoy the autumn leaves. Winter, enjoy the Japanese style soup Imoni.

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